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‘Well-known Brand 2014’ award is held by Vietnam Intellectual Property Association in correlation with Vietnam Intellectual Property Research Institute. Criteria for selecting a well-known trademark is in compliance with Article 75 of Vietnam's Intellectual Property Law 2005.

Accordingly, a trademark is considered famous when:
- Number of related consumers who have known the trademark through purchasing branded goods or services or through advertising.
- Scope of territory in which goods or services bearing the mark have been circulated.
- Turnover from the sale of goods or provision of branded services or the quantity of goods sold, the amount of services provided.
- Duration of continuous use of trademark.
- Wide reputation of branded goods and services.
- Number of countries protecting the trademark.
- Number of countries that recognize trademarks as famous.
- Transfer price, licensing fee, or the capital investment of the trademark value.

The trademark of "Dong A Pharmaceutical" has achieved all eight criteria and was honored to be awarded “The Vietnam Famous Trademark Winner’ at a solemn ceremony at u Co Art Center - Hanoi. August 3, 2014. This is a valuable recognition for the unremitting efforts of leaders and employees of Dong A Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. during the past 18 years. From there, the company will have more motivation to continue developing, bring good products and services to customers and contribute to improving the quality of life for the whole society.

Top brands Viet Nam

Top brands Viet Nam

“Vietnam’s leading brand - Top brands in 2014” award is presented by the Institute of Economic Research, Center of consumer research in Vietnam and Global GTA (United Kingdom), under close supervision of InterConformity Organization (Germany). The criteria for awards are:
- Brand personality and related issues.
- Brand recognizability and popularity.
- Brand credibility, trust and respect from society perspectives.
- Profit
- Brand influence and growth

Dong A Pharmaceutical fully meets the above criteria and is honored to be awarded. This is a valuable recognition from a foreign organisation, affirming our position in the Healthcare industry in Vietnam. Dong A Pharmaceutical is committed to contribute to the society, minimise negative impacts on the environment, enhance employee welfare in our sustainable development process.