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To become the No.1 Provider of Market Expansion Services with a focus on the field of Healthcare in Vietnam for small and medium-sized enterprises..

To be a market leader, a company needs to always create new products that deliver social benefits. Creativity is the key to Survival!

- Mrs Le Minh Nguyet -
Vice President of Dong A Group


  • Providing appropriate service packages for each client, supporting them to maximize their revenue at a minimum cost.
  • Becoming a reliable service provider, impulsing the development of the field (especially the logistics industry in Vietnam)..
  • Actively seeking and developing high-quality products, improving social welfare and wellness of the entire population.
Brand Philosophy

Brand Philosophy

  • Enhancing service quality and service delivery process to satisfy customers needs.
  • Being open-minded, intimate and trustworthy to deliver good value to clients, business partners and community.
  • Paying attention to nurture talents and improving employee welfare.

Business Philosophy

Dong A Group desires to bring products that are favoured in every region and territory; thus, quality and creativity are believed to be our companionship. At DAP, customers are our core, and we are committed to satisfy all your needs.

Business Philosophy