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00:00 06/08/2020

On August 6, 2020, Dong A Pharmaceutical Company held a Vietnam Record Announcement Ceremony: DONG A DIAMOND GARLIC FACTORY has been awarded as VIETNAM'S LARGEST BLACK GARLIC MANUFACTURING WITH JAPANESE TECHNOLOGY.

Below are the list of attendees: Mr. Le Doan Hop, former Member of the Party Central Committee, former Minister of Information and Communication, Chairman of Vietnam Record Association, Mr. Hoang Thai Tuan Anh, General Secretary of Indochina Book of Records, Chief Representative of the North Vietnam Record Association, Mr. Dinh Van Loc - Chairman of Dong A Pharmaceutical Company, Ms. Le Minh Nguyet - Vice Chairman of Dong A Pharmaceutical, and press representatives.

At the ceremony, the representative of Vietnam Record Association has awarded the Vietnam Record to Dong A Diamond Garlic Factory as Vietnam's Largest Black Garlic Factory with Japanese Technology.

Dong A Diamond Garlic Factory was invested and received the exclusive technology transferred under the supervision of experts from Nagamine, a Japanese corporation in 2014. Our desire is to bring Japanese Black Garlic – typically known as a precious “superfood” - for Vietnamese people to use widely.

“After years of researching on Black Garlic, Dong A Pharmaceutical Company has a strong belief in Black Garlic being an effective and safe healthcare product of Japanese. The positive health effects of Black Garlic - fermented garlic - have been studied and confirmed by scientists around the world through many clinical studies. Thus, we strive to find recipes and approaches to bring these "superfoods" to Vietnam, so that Vietnamese can take good care of their health everyday. By 2014, with continuous efforts, we were approved by Nagamine - a Japanese corporation, to receive their exclusive technology of black garlic fermentation, allowing Dong A Pharmaceutical to produce black garlic in Vietnam. And, up to now, the quality of Dong A Diamond Garlic has proudly certified by many prestigious international organizations. In the near future, we hope to export Dong A Diamond Garlic to markets such as the US, Japan ... ”, Mr. Dinh Van Loc, Chairman of Dong A Pharmaceutical Company shared.

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More information about Dong A Diamond Garlic Factory:

Dong A Diamond Garlic Factory is a factory producing high quality fermented black garlic, promoting precious biological compounds in the fermentation process, located in Que Vo Industrial Park, Phuong Lieu Commune, Que District. Vo, Bac Ninh Province, with a total area of ​​1.5 ha.

The factory is equipped with a modern and synchronous infrastructure system, surrounded by natural features.

With a total investment of 120 billion VND, the factory came into operation at the end of 2016 after years of researching, importing technology and sample production. Dong A Diamond Garlic Factory is the first factory to receive the "Good Manufacturing Practices" license - GMP for black garlic production line.


On Oct 10th, 2014, Representative of Department of Science and Technology in Hanoi approved Contract Technology Transfer No.08/2014/HĐCGCN-SKHCN between Dong A Pharmaceutical and Japan NAGAMINE Company.

Factory Facility

The cold storage of raw garlic has a volume of 800 blocks, maintaining temperature from -3 to 0 degrees Celsius, enough capacity to preserve the quality of 150 tons of raw garlic without the use of preservatives.

The factory is located in a building with a total floor area of ​​2,600m2 divided into areas with specialized functions.

The hot fermentation zone has 10 large-scale fermentation chambers made entirely of 316L stainless steel, each with a capacity of 2.35 tons of raw material per fermentation cycle. Temperature and humidity parameters are monitored via automatic sensor system, fully controlled through PLC screen. 

After hot fermentation, garlic is converted to the cool fermentation zone, in which humidity, filter and air-condition is controlled by HVAC system. The air quality meets the criteria of microorganisms’ quantity, number of air exchanges, ISO Class 8 rate of fresh air.

The fermentation of black garlic is carried out by highly trained, personnel with inspection and supervision by experienced quality control staff.

Finished products are kept in the optimal range of <23-25 ​​degrees Celsius.

Maintenance plan and inspection of factory equipment is strictly implemented to ensure stable operating state. The alarm limits are set and controlled by the early warning system.

Auxiliary system:

The water supply is treated to meet the standards of Purified Water according to DĐVN V;  The compressed air supplied to the production equipment is generated and processed by a screwless screw system, and ISO Class 4 compressed air quality ensures reliability of purity during product production.

The factory builds a wastewater treatment system that meets the standards of column A QCVN 40: 2011 / BTNMT to ensure good environmental protection.

About the quality management system:

 The factory builds a quality management system according to the principle of "Good Manufacturing Practice". All quality control plans are established and committed to properly comply with high quality standards.

Documentation systems and resources ensure strict control of product quality throughout from input materials, production stages to product release.

Quality Control Department is capable of controlling production environment conditions, inspecting the quality of raw materials, semi-finished products.

Dong A always ensures in all production stages to create product value.

Vietnam Record Association (Vietking)

The Central Vietnam Records Association is a social organization, operating under the Establishment Decision of the Ministry of Home Affairs (Decision No. 959 / QD-BNV of the Ministry of Home Affairs dated August 23, 2013).

Vietnam Record Association -VIETKINGS under the Central Vietnam Recoreds Association is the unit that sets records in Vietnam, starting operations in 2004. Currently, the Vietnam Record Association is the only organization to set records in Vietnam. Over 15 years working in the field of searching for and honouring outstanding values ​​of the country and people of Vietnam, the Vietnam Record Association has established over 2,255 Vietnamese records in 63 provinces and cities, connecting thousands of domestic and foreign record holders.

Currently, the Vietnam Record Association is also the official and sole representative of the World Records Union (WorldKings), World Records Association (WRA), World Records University (WRU), Asia Book of Records, Indochina Book of Records (Indochina Book of Records) in Vietnam.

The Vietnam Record Establishment Council of the Vietnam Record consists of 105 persons (of which 21 are Standing Council) who are scientists, historians, journalists, leading experts, actively participated in searching and proposing Vietnamese records.

Dong A Pharmaceutical Trading Company

Dong A Pharmaceutical Trading Co., Ltd. established in 1996. Over the past 25 years of development, Dong A Pharmaceutical Company has been one of the leading market development service providers in Vietnam in the field of health care. Dong A Pharmaceutical has developed hundreds of reputable brands in traditional medicine, western medicine, medical equipment ... in the market.

In 2014, Dong A Pharmaceutical was awarded the "Top Vietnamese Brands 2014" by the Institute of Economic Research, the Vietnam Consumer Research Center and Global GTA (UK), under the strict quality supervision of InterConformity (Germany). This is also the year that Dong A Pharmaceutical was awarded the "Vietnam Famous Brand" jointly reviewed and awarded by the Vietnam Intellectual Property Association and the Vietnam Institute of Intellectual Property.

Dong A Pharmaceutical always strives to satisfy the most stringent requirement in providing comprehensive healthcare service to deserve the pride of Vietnamese pharmaceutical industry.

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